The Warren Buffett Shareholder

Stories from inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

In this engaging collection of stories, 43 veterans of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting explain why throngs attend year after year. Beyond the famous Q&A with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, these experts reveal the Berkshire Meeting as a community gathering of fun, fellowship and learning.

The contributors whisk readers through the exciting schedule of surrounding events–book signings, panel discussions and social gatherings–and share the pulse of this distinctive corporate culture. Spanning decades, the book offers glimpses of the past and ideas of what lies ahead. To learn about what makes Buffett’s shareholders tick and all the happenings at the Berkshire Meeting, and to reminisce about past Meetings, make this delightful book your companion.

Includes work by these bestselling authors:

Robert Hagstrom | Robert Miles | Jason Zweig | Joel Greenblatt | Vitaliy Katsenelson | Jeff Matthews | Charlie Tian | Whitney Tilson | Prem Jain | Karen Linder

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A note from the editors

Collectively, the contributors to this book have attended the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting 750 times. In this book, they offer their reflections on this valuable experience with the company Warren Buffett built. Their essays reveal that Berkshire, far more than a mere conglomerate of businesses and faceless shareholders, epitomizes the roots of the word company, from Old French compagnie meaning society or friendship, and Late Latin companio, signifying gathering for a meal.

Berkshire shareholders are a society bound together by common values of learning, integrity, innovation and community. And nowhere are these traits more evident than springtime in Omaha when throngs of Berkshire shareholders gather for several days and scores of events around the company’s Annual Meeting. Most of our contributors said, as many other Berkshire shareholders have, that Buffett changed their lives. Not by making them rich, but by building an institution that has become central to their lives, a part of who they are.

Larry Cunningham & Stephanie Cuba

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The Warren Buffett Shareholder

The Warren Buffett Shareholder



Chapter One: Writers
Jason Zweig – You’re Not Alone
Steve Jordon – He’s Just Like Us
Robert G. Hagstrom – Nobody Wants To Leave
Randy Cepuch – Our Personality

Chapter Two: Partners
Thomas S. Gayner – A Model for Markel
Mark Hughes – Common Denominators
Thomas A. Russo – Lessons from the Managers
Ingrid R. Hendershot – A Partnership Culture

Chapter Three: Readers
Jeff Matthews – Read Everything You Can
Phil and Beth Black – Let’s Sell Some Books
Laura J. Rittenhouse – Mountains of Books
Jim Ross – Calling Charlie Munger
Karen Linder – The Women of Berkshire

Chapter Four: Speakers
Robert P. Miles – Accidental Impresario
Vitaliy Katsenelson – Next Year in Omaha
John R. Wingender – The Creighton Panel
Patrick T. Brennan – In and Out of the “Classroom”

Chapter Five: Professors
Prem C. Jain – Investing in People
Thomas Johansen – A Better Syllabus
David Kass – Students
Lawrence A. Cunningham – The Company You Keep

Chapter Six: Pioneers
Joel Greenblatt and John Petry – Value Investors Club
Keith Ashworth-Lord – Buffettology Fund
Charlie Tian – GuruFocus
Macrae Sykes – The Columbia Dinner
Whitney Tilson – A Reception for All

Chapter Seven: Managers
Olza M. (Tony) Nicely – My Mentor
Thomas J. Manenti – Leaving the Woodpile Higher
Bruce N. Whitman – Even Air Force Generals are Awed
Phil Terry (for Sam Taylor) – Sam We Are

Chapter Eight: Scholars
Robert E. Denham – The Shareholders You Deserve
Simon Lorne – (Why It’s) The Greatest Show on Earth
Raymond Buck Hartzell – Profit and Purpose
Shane Parrish – The People You Want to Become

Chapter Nine: Patrons
Francois Rochon – Back to Our Roots
Andrew Steginsky – Building Traditions
John C. Bogle – A Shout Out

Chapter Ten: Legends
Charles T. Akre – Becoming Part of the Show
Daniel Pecaut – University of Berkshire Hathaway
Tim Medley – Berkshire Live: There is No Substitute



Jason Zweig | Steve Jordon | Robert G. Hagstrom | Randy Cepuch | Thomas S. Gayner | Mark Hughes | Thomas A. Russo | Ingrid R. Hendershot | Jeff Matthews | Phil and Beth Black | Laura J. Rittenhouse | Jim Ross | Karen Linder | Robert P. Miles | Vitaliy Katsenelson | John R. Wingender | Patrick T. Brennan | Prem C. Jain | Thomas Johansen | David Kass | Lawrence A. Cunningham | Joel Greenblatt and John Petry | Keith Ashworth-Lord | Charlie Tian | Macrae Sykes | Whitney Tilson | Olza M. (Tony) Nicely | Thomas J. Manenti | Bruce N. Whitman | Phil Terry (for Sam Taylor) | Robert E. Denham | Simon Lorne | Raymond Buck Hartzell | Shane Parrish | Francois Rochon | Andrew Steginsky | John C. Bogle | Charles T. Akre | Daniel Pecaut | Tim Medley

About the editors

Lawrence A. Cunningham

Lawrence A. Cunningham is well-known to Berkshire shareholders and other followers of Warren Buffett. A business law professor and consultant based in New York City and Washington DC, his acclaimed books include The Essays of Warren Buffett, which Buffett calls the “gold standard” in books of the genre, and Berkshire Beyond Buffett, both of which Buffett has designated for sale inside the Berkshire Annual Meeting. A member of the George Washington University faculty, Cunningham is the Founding Director of GW in New York, an intensive training program for aspiring Wall Street lawyers.

A graduate of the University of Delaware and Cardozo Law School and former corporate lawyer at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, Cunningham consults on corporate governance and has served on several boards, private and public, currently including Constellation Software Inc. He also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council of the University of Delaware College of Business.

Stephanie Cuba

Stephanie Cuba, who is married to Cunningham, and been attending Berkshire Meetings with him for more than a decade, is a real estate consultant based in New York City. Her real estate career spans development at Avalon Bay, investing at State Street Global Advisers, and legal advisory at Paul Hastings.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Cardozo Law School, writing accomplishments range from prize-winning non-fiction to freelance editing and popular advice columns for women. A serial entrepreneur, projects have included the Fireball Network, specialising in networking skills training, and MomUp, a coaching and mentoring program for young mothers. Cuba serves on the Board of Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School and the Advisory Council of Montefiore Medical Center/Einstein College of Medicine.


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